About Me

Portrait: Silvana Stanzer Silvana Stanzer envisions her photographic world highlighting her own multicultural experiences as a Swiss-Texan and a world traveler.   She began a year-long “world tour” with her brother to see what lay beyond the Swiss Alps.  With an amateurish camera in hand, her travels included India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, parts of Africa, and the United States.  Her education and employment started in the science and technology fields and eventually transitioned to the raising of three amazing and successful daughters.  In 1995 Silvana moved to Houston, Texas, where she resides today.   Her love for creating photographic images gradually consumed her life and she decided to move in a professional direction.  In May of 2016 she completed her BFA at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco.  This educational experience has focused on “still life” and commercial presentations, often with witty overtones.  At AAU she refined her skill set learning to improve “still life” subjects for the commercial advertising market. 
Silvana’s personal photographic style is to meld her cultural and travel mix to create an original perspective to her art. Her photographs are created in order to please the viewers’ eyes and to encourage one to ponder the meaning behind the images.  Silvana uses wit and humor in much of her photography to bring attention to the essence of the subject. Whether one has commercial or personal interest in Silvana’s photographs, one can be assured of receiving prompt
and personal attention.     
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